SightSaver Computer Glasses, using proprietary Melaneye lenses in high-quality frames, to launch publicly on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo on September 19, 2017 at noon PDT.
Melanin-infused lenses provide scientifically Proven Protection and combat Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) while retarding compromised vision due to Macular Degeneration and Cataracts.

Rockport, ME – 8-28-17   HiTekSpeks, a developer of technologically driven eyewear, announced today it is launching SightSaver Computer Glasses – a highly innovative new pair of Computer Glasses – on Indiegogo. The Campaign goal of $10,000 will help recover some development costs and further enable fine-tuning of the product.  The goal is to provide professional grade, “state of the art” eyewear that protects and preserves eyesight and prevents damage caused by HEV (High Energy Visible) rays that are discharged by computer screens and other digital devices.  HEV rays are not as well-known as the sun’s UVA and UVB rays – but they are equally as damaging.  Most people are unaware of this danger as they watch digital screens.

Natural melanin is found in our skin, but also in our eyes and protects the retina and macula from damaging rays.  This natural melanin is incrementally and cumulatively lost with age, and this loss seriously compromises eye protection.  The result can be macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. And now damage can be accelerated by extended exposure to digital screen devices leading to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).  We are addicted to these devices with the average person watching them for more than six hours each day.  Accelerated melanin loss is no longer only a threat to older people.  Melanin loss has no age limits and computer addiction affect’s EVERYONE’s eyes.

Yale Medical Research Center and Dr. John Pawelek are credited with creating the first form of synthetic melanin, which was initially used in cosmetics.  Later use came to include infusion into eyewear lenses and the ability to filter out 98% of HEV rays.  HiTekSpeks has its own proprietary form of synthetic melanin – known as Melaneye.

Harvard Medical School has stated, “Exposure to blue light (HEV rays) emitted by electronics is harmful to your health.  Consider wearing blue blocking glasses.”

SightSaver Computer Glasses have wrap-around frames and lenses that keep unfiltered light to an absolute minimum and enhance the vision experience.  But curved lenses do not lend themselves to holding a prescription which requires a flatter surface.  SightSavers have solved this problem by providing a smaller easily removed inner frame that can accommodate prescription lenses and be attached inside the larger frame.

CEO of HiTekSpeks and Creator of SightSaver Computer Glasses, John Galley, was inspired to create this “best in class” solution to mitigating damaging HEV rays because he, himself, required cataract surgery on one of his eyes.  Galley stated, “I was determined to do all I could to retard further compromise to my vision and hopefully avoid the need for any further surgery.  And when I learned how exposure to digital screen devices only exacerbated the problem, I became even more determined.  SightSaver Compter Glasses powered by Melaneye are my solution.”



Company Information

HiTekSpeks was founded in Rockport, ME by John Galley.  As a National Sailing Champion, Galley has had a life-long interest first in outdoor eye protection – and now eye issues of all kinds.  He has created three successful eyewear crowdfunders to date.  One for military grade sunglasses set a category record on Kickstarter.  The second was for innovative night-vision eyewear – NightDrive Eyewear.  And the third was for SightSaver Sunglasses.  The latter two were successful on Indiegogo.

Contact Information

John Galley, CEO – HiTekSpeks

Phone:  (207) 542-9474