Fight The Eyesight Harm Caused By Your Computer Screen Addiction With Melanin-Infused SightSaver Computer Glasses.
If you’re like most, you are in front of some computer screen for over 6 hours a day.   Lets be honest.  Is that an addiction or what??  But you aren’t going to stop using these devices are you?   So the only solution to sparing your eyes from the harmful  HEV ray (blue light) assault they receive daily is to wear some form of effective protection.  You must fight this silent, insideous, unrelenting attack on your irreplaceable eyes.

INTRODUCING SightSaver Computer Glasses – the way to counteract this harm with “state of the art” eyewear specifically developed for this purpose.  The lenses in SightSaver Computer Glasses are infused with a proprietary, synthetic melanin called Melaneye.   This protects your precious eyes from harmful rays, eases eye strain, and combats computer vision syndrome (CVS).  For more mature adults, it also helps protect against macular degeneration.  But SightSaver Computer Glasses are for EVERYONE.   Computer addiction has no age limits  They also have a unique, detachable inner frame that can accommodate lens prescriptions.

SightSaver Computer Glasses will be available on Indiegogo right after Labor Day.  You can “stay in the loop” of valuable information about these remarkable glasses by providing your email contact information below.  IF we have your name and email address, then just before we launch, you will be sent a valuable code that will allow you to get your own pair of SightSaver Computer Glasses at a Special Discount Price.  Your eyes will Thank You – for sure!

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